It’ better to be Curry than Lebron

lebronFinal game of NBA playoff series which had to become very interesting show, is already in advance actively discussed on social networks. And under a sight as always players, important for team, opportunity, abilities and the forecast of behavior in which match are displayed on shelves in advance get. And quite often it happens in playful tone – this year got to Stephen Curry and Lebron James.

“Game of thrones” and basketball intrigue

Even the Association does not miss to joke of players of finalists, releasing various cartoons and unusual posters representing both basketball players, and the embedded advertising of future match. It becomes more for a public warming up therefore stage settings and the action imprinted on them, as a rule, are rather democratic and do not cause a big stir.

Another matter users of social networks. Cartoons and demotivator of the most different contents with Stephen and James’s participation are born every day. Besides, now for many people the series “Game of Thrones” became cult. And to bypass so significant event as rather intriguing final basketball opposition, without having embodied forecasts for future match in a similar image – they could not. Two amusing animation stories – on one on Lebron and Curry became result.

The ESPN editors choose the strongest

As for professional observers of the world of basketball, they approached the solution of a question of “heating of an intrigue of results of future match” more simply. The editorial structure of ESPN made the comparative analysis of both basketball players and on its results made Curry the favorite in this opposition. Stephs advantages they call the follwing:

  • ability to score is more than points at smaller quantity of perfect throws. In confirmation of it Curry’s productivity in terms of “shot” is specified ability is better to work in protection;
  • younger age in comparison with James;
  • Curry made the best results when carrying out the comparative characteristic of basketball players following the results of so-called “regular” 91 games less, than Lebron and thus earned in a moneybox of command for four foul points more.

Lebron James  has many important achievements too

But though edition of ESPN also considers Curry as more useful player, she nevertheless does not refuse to recognize Lebron’s superiority over it in some things. According to their analysis James much more versatile player and already the seventh time reaches in a line-up the final of NBA. For specification, it is necessary to tell that Lebron became the finalist of NBA six time in a row that is a peculiar record in basketball league. Besides James:
– was ahead of Michael Jordan by number of victorious matches in the playoffs and wins in this indicator first place now;

  • has higher average value on number of points, rebounds and assists in comparison with Curry;
  • works in fight for a rebound better;
  • possesses ability to be protected at once from several positions;
  • much more valuable player for team, proceeding from tournament results and percent of points which can be written down safely into Lebron’s account.

The failure nevertheless for James is not excluded, however it has rather powerful consolation – this player is in the list of ten best players in the history of NBA in five categories; number of wins, total rebounds, number of perfect passes(assists) and steals, and also the total points gathered for all official games he played.